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Quit Smoking Because You Smell

By: admin

Quit Smoking because you smell

I don’t care what anyone says or thinks, I loved smoking, I smoked for 20 years and I gave up over 10 years ago. I still consider myself a smoker, I am just having a very long break between cigarettes because the thought of never having another smoke for the rest of my life is too much for me to consider.

Even now 10 years later I still crave that cigarette, but I simply tell myself that I’ll have one later.

So, there you go, I am one of those annoying reformed Ex-smokers who will now lecture you on how you should all give up because it’s a nasty habit and makes you smell like an ashtray.

I know it, you know it, unless you have been living in a cave and have just emerged everyone in the world knows it.

I recall the day I stopped smoking. It was a fairly nice day, so I decided to walk to work, only a few miles to stroll and I would have my first smoke of the day along the way.

Reaching into my satchel, got out my packet of fags (for whatever reason we call them fags here in the UK), took one out and then went for my lighter, left pocket? Nope, right pocket, nope. In the satchel, none. No lighter. I wanted a smoke but no means to light up.

And that was that, I stopped smoking, just like that. I hated the fact that I was held hostage to smoking. I really wanted a cigarette but hated the fact that it made me feel desperate when I did not have a lighter. So, just like that I stopped.

I had tried to stop before for the obvious reasons, health, money, smelling like an ashtray etc, etc. And every time I failed because the reasons where simply not convincing enough.

This time I quit for good, not because I wanted to stop smoking, but because I did not want to beholden to smoking if that makes any sort of sense.

The first 2 weeks were easy enough. A lot easier than the previous times I attempted to quit smoking. Once I got past those two weeks I did not mind too much that I could not have a smoke after a meal, or during a break, even going out with friends was not too bad as here in the UK our bars and pubs do not allow smoking indoors so you have to go outside with the lepers often in the pouring rain.

One benefit of quitting was the amount of money I was now not spending on smoking. I remember a joke someone told me about quitting and it goes like this.

Man is stopped in the street by an anti-smoking campaigner who asks him

“Excuse me sir, are you are smoker?” Asks the anti-smoker

“Yes, I am” Replies the man

“If you don’t mind me asking, how many do you smoke a day?” anti-smoker asks

“40 per day” Says the man

The anti-smoker does some quick maths on his calculator and declares, “If you spend £20 per day on cigarettes that’s £140 per week, or £7280 per year” and continues, “You know if you gave up today, in 10 years you could buy a Ferrari”

The man nods and smiles and asks the anti-smoker “Do you smoke?”

To which the anti-smoker replies “No, never smoked in my life”

“Then where’s your Ferrari?” Mike drop, man exits stage left.

Ok, might not be the funniest joke in the world, but it does highlight that as a smoker I must have spent an awful lot of money over the 20 years which I smoked while reducing my life span.

So, should you quit smoking? I would say, yes you should. Best thing I ever did, but damn it I still miss my smokes.

How much do we spend on tabs in the UK?

Smokers are taxed a lot. In a 20-cigarette packet costing £10.40 with about 80% of that price being Tax, but some lower priced cigarettes it could be up to 90%

Tax revenue from tobacco in 2012/13 amounted to £12.3 billion – £9.7 billion in excise duty plus £2.6 billion in VAT.

I thought that I would stick the above in. Just so that you understand that when you quit smoking the government will receive less money in Tax. That is unpatriotic. So, smokers are putting more in the treasury than non-smokers, that makes them better citizens.

Makes me wonder If should get preferential treatment when it comes public services since I have paid so much into the public coffers over the years.

Anyway I digress. A packet of fags is £10.40.

Simple maths:

1 packet per day = £10.40 x 365 = £3796 per year on smokes.

What could you do with £3796 extra in your bank account each year? in 10 years you would have £37,960 in your bank. Of course, presuming that you were disciplined and put all the cigarette cash into a separate bank account and did not touch it.

That’s a deposit on a flat or house. Imagine that. In 10 years, you could in theory you could have enough money to put down a deposit on a property, by doing nothing more than not doing something that is effectively killing you slowing.

If you don’t want to wait 10 years, then have a nice holiday each year or take up flying as a hobby. Go scuba diving. It does not matter. Just quit smoking. It’s easier than you think, just stop and be done with it.

Is vaping safer

Meh, if you are going to quit, just quit. Although millions of former (Real) smokers have now turned to e-cigarettes. Personally, I would not touch them. Like cigarettes in the early days everyone claimed that they were safe and caused no ill effects. Well, they were dead wrong, literally.

I ain’t no scientist, but neither am I a Guinea pig. I don’t want to be the guy hooked up to some iron lung contraption in 30 years’ time because my lungs have dissolved due to unforeseen effects of e-cigarettes caused something or another that scientists were not aware.

If you want to switch to e-cigarettes one could argue at least they are cheaper and well, they do smell nice (At least nicer) than traditional cigarettes.

One vape cartridge will cost around £3.95 (I did a quick search on-line and found loads of sites selling them) each little re-fill is the equivalent of between 20 and 25 cigarettes.

Each to their own, but it looks a little strange seeing people sucking away on what looks like a breathalyser, but I suppose the same could be said for smokers puffing away on burning tubes of plant material.

Just quit altogether

Forget saving up the money to buy Ferraris or going on nice holidays. The real reason you should quit in my humble opinion is that you stink.

Yeap, as a smoker I never smelt it, but once I stopped my nose started to work once again and I could smell the stench from 50 yards. The smell of old socks and BO.

I used to work with a smoker, we used to take smoke breaks together, once I stopped, I could not bear to be around him due to the smell.

And that is how other people treated me, they basically avoided me because I stank to high heaven,

No one in their right mind would rub dog poo on themselves, but that’s exactly how smokers are perceived to non-smokers.

So, there you go. Stop smoking because you smell like s**t. (I really fancy a fag now)

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