Save Money On Your Morning Coffee.

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Many of us just can’t function in the morning without our morning coffee, or that caffeine fix during the day.


But if you must have that Americano, Latte or Cappuccino on you morning commute, coffee break or afternoon pick-me-up from your favourite coffee house, it can quickly add up financially.


So how can continue to have your favourite hot drink and watch the pennies?


Well there is a way and it’s environmentally friendly too! We all have financial pressures and want to be as environmentally friendly as possible, but that little cup of “joe” is such a joy during the day and now you can continue to have it with a guilt free conscience.


How? We hear you cry!


Firstly the key is a re-usable cup, If you don’t already have a reusable cup or tumbler at home, get out there and find one that suits you, with so many options online, at the supermarket and at the coffee shops you really will be spoilt for choice.


There are literally thousands of options out there, even ones made from bamboo. Various options start from about £1, but you will quickly get that back, and continue to save – here is why – many high street coffee shops will give you a discount off your coffee or favourite hot drink for using your own cup, normally around 25p, so over a year you can save over £60, that’s just one coffee a day Monday to Friday, so add a couple over a weekend and closer to £100 a year is possible.


That’s a nice dinner out with a friend at your favourite restaurant.


Most coffee shops are happy to rinse out your cup before filling it with fresh coffee or hot drink of your choice, keeping washing up to the minimum, also using less water and detergent at home.


Recent studies show It would take over 20 uses for a reusable cup to make up for the emissions of a single-use cup, so you have to stick with it, but that is about a month of weekday use, once every working day.


So there you have it, have your favourite coffee or hot drink, save some money and do a bit for the environment.

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