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Saving money when using your car.

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Running a car daily can become very expensive. There are all sorts of costs to take into consideration. It can feel like that sometimes your car is determined to ruin you with constant demands for maintenance and repairs. If it is not a puncture it is another bulb going that demands more money from you.

Then you must consider the yearly insurance cover which seems to only go in one direction and that is up. So how can we keep a car without it costing the earth. Here we will go through a few tips on how you can minimise your outgoings on your car and save money. Taking out a payday loan for car repairs is one of the most common reasons which people give for applying for a short-term loan.

Can you Fix It?

It can seem daunting to even consider performing any sort of maintenance work on your own car. There are lots of little jobs which you can do yourself that do not need the help of a mechanic.

For example, replacing a dead battery is a fairly simple job you can do yourself with a few tools which you will most probably have in the toolbox.

Replacing failed bulbs is another thing you can replace yourself with a screwdriver or two. Replacing wheels is also something which anyone can do, all you need is a car jack and some elbow grease.

Checking fluid levels and topping up the oil, anti-freeze and other liquids is a simple matter of a little research to find out which is the best oil for your car. This information is generally found in the car owner manual.

Over the course of a few years you will save yourself many thousands of pounds in garage fees if you take the time to do a little research. Although if you find the job is going to require specialists’ tools then it is most probably better to let the professionals take care of it or you might find it’ll cost you more in the long run.

Lighten the Load

The RAC did some research that you are wasting money by carrying unnecessary weight around in the car.

Take out of your car anything that you do not need. Start to clear out your boot of any unnecessary bits and pieces that you have stuck in there. Lugging all this stuff around will cost you more in fuel and over time the fuels costs will amount to a considerable sum. This is an easy fix for you, and you’ll be saving money right away. Even if it is as inconspicuous as a pair of shoes take them out. All the little things do add up to quite a lot.

Easy on the Gas

If you find yourself accelerating between traffic lights, then braking heavily all day long you are practically throwing money out of the window. If you really want to save money, then one of the first things you need to do is change the way you drive.

With fuel prices showing no sign of decreasing you can save by driving slower and accelerating normally whilst being in the correct gear if you are driving a manual. When driving in town start to anticipate traffic ahead of you so you don’t need to have to continue the whole accelerating and braking cycle which drinks fuel and robs you of money.

One trick I use to save fuel is not to drive all the way to my destination but park 500 meters away or a little more. This means I save 1km of travel each day not going towards fuel. That’s over 350km per year or in other words a whole tank of petrol and I get a little exercise too.

On the motorway drive at the most fuel-efficient speed, if your car has a fuel consumption meter, you’ll want to keep an eye on that. Plus, if you are not speeding then you are not running the risk of getting a fine and points on your licence.

Use Cruise Control Correctly

Don’t be lazy. It is common for cruise control to consume more fuel than if you were driving the car yourself.

Cruise control works fine on flat and level surfaces but when you start hitting those hills it can be slow to react and then put on the power to climb the hill. The same case when cresting the brow of a hill, it takes cruise control a moment to adjust to take into account for this when you as a human drive will already have anticipated this and eased off of the accelerator.

Cruise control is fine for long motorway driving but keep your eye on the fuel consumption computer. Here is an interesting fact, driving on motorways at a constant speed is more fuel efficient that town driving.

Wash your own car

As tempting as it might be to get someone else to wash your car it would work out much cheaper to do it yourself. It only really takes about 20 mins, everyone has access to a bucket of water, sponge so wash your own car.

Provided you clean your car on a regular basis then keeping it looking spotless won’t be such a chore. When you work out the amount of money, we spend on taking the car to the local car wash each month at £20 a go might sound like a good deal but over a 10-year period you are spending £2,400 on having your car cleaned.

The expense cleaning your own car is getting the right products to get it looking nice and clean. You don’t need to go and buy the most expensive products out there. I personally have used nothing but washing up liquid to clean my car which I think is good enough for my purposes. Fine it does not come out shiny, shiny but then I enjoy washing my own car.

A tin of car wax can last you an entire year. I do recommend waxing your car to maintain the paint work looking good.

Roll your Windows Down

My car has Aircon, well at least I think it does. I never use it. I have windows in my car that I can roll down. Using aircon will increase your fuel consumption considerably. So, either open your windows or open the cars air vents.

Get the best Car insurance policy

If you shop around for your car insurance by not leaving until the last minute can save you a lot of money. Also, as you get old your insurance will cost you less and it will also cost you even less if your have a smaller engine car rather than some 3-litre monster that drinks fuel as if it were water.

Start to shop around at least a month before your insurance is due for renewal and you’ll be surprised at the amount of money you can save if you have a few years of no claims. And, if you start to shop around now it is less stressful too.

Insurance comparison website are convenient but there are lots of car insurance companies which do not appear on these sites and they might be worth contacting to see what deals they have even if you have to go through the whole process of filling in numerous application forms. Direct Line and Aviva are two such companies.

When looking at all of the options that insurance companies offer you need to select only those which are relevant to you. The cheapest also may not be the best. For example, if you do a lot of driving around the country your might want to consider a policy which gives you break down cover with replacement car. So always check what polices offer hence why it pays to start shopping around early for your next insurance policies.

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