22 Tips to save money on shopping trips

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22 Tips to save money on shopping trips

It seems that every time we step out to do the weekly shop the huge chunk of cash it takes out of your weekly budget, for a lot of families on a budget the weekly shop can be daunting, trying to ensure you buy the essentials and not be tempted in buying those tempting luxuries lining the shelves, we have come up with 22 ways to help you make those shopping trips less of a trauma and more affordable so you can afford those luxuries.

1. Make a list and stick to it. If you know the shop well you may even think about writing out the list in the order in which the items are laid out in the shop.

2. Try and shop in the same place, familiarity will mean you won’t be stressed or tempted by some new fangled bongoole that you want (But not need)

3. Once a month take the time to do a clear out of your cupboards, this way you don’t buy stuff you already have in the back of the cupboard.

4. Buy non-perishables in bulk if you can from the local discount shop or the local cash and carry.

5. If you don’t know how, take the time to learn how to cook,

6. Reduce the number of takeaways you order and put the money you would have spent on that pizza or Chinese in a money jar and end of the year you will be surprised what you will have saved.

7. Eat before you go shopping, never go shopping when you are hungry, you’ll end up buying more than you need, the same rules apply when going out to eat, never go out starving.

8. Never turn your nose up to own brand foods. Many of the products are usually made by the same companies which make branded products.

9. When you prepare meals to make more so you will have leftovers that can be used to make tomorrows lunch, instead of having to go to the local shop and pay £5 for a sandwich and a drink.

10. Make fewer trips to the supermarket, if you can once a week should be enough, otherwise you’ll find you are nipping into the local shop and paying twice the price for stuff.

11. Go to the supermarket as soon as they open, this way you’ll be greeted with nice empty aisles, fewer people in the way means less stress, when you are relaxed you’ll make better choices.

12. Like point 11 above, never shopped when you are tired or can’t be bothered as you’ll make poor choices and start missing items.

13. Did you know that you shred your own cheese, YES, also lettuce can also be shreded, so buy a lump of cheese and shred it yourself, cheese can also be placed into the freezer.

14. Work out which meals you will prepare during the week, that way for certain you will not buy the stuff you do not need.

15. When preparing packed lunches for the kids to create your own bags of treats from fruits, also buy bigger bags of chocolates they will work out cheaper than buying singles

16. Always look at the lower shelves, since shops will most often place cheaper items on the bottom shelf and the more expensive items at eye level, makes sense of course.

17. Don’t buy drinks and snacks on the go, like coffee from the coffee shops, they are expensive and if you add up the amount of money you spend each month on coffee on the go you would be surprised.

18. Most shop shelves display the cost per gram or unit, you may find that buying the smaller items works out cheaper, counter-intuitive but bring your calculator next time and see for yourself

19. Go to the shops with a calculator and stick to your budget.

20. Spend some time online and see if stuff which you buy often can be bought cheaper

21. Collect points if your shop provides them, collect vouchers and money off coupons and make sure that you use them

22. Don’t buy expensive fizzy drinks or bottled water, water from the tap is apparently quite drinkable

Some of these tips you probably already use, but overspending at the local supermarket or not making the right choices can really add up, especially buying food on the go which may not seems much at the time can over the course of a month really start to add

Also, one of the key elements is to always plan your shopping trip knowing what you will buy and sticking to it, as more and more families find that their monthly shopping budgets are growing and turning to short term loansto cover the cost of these essentials

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